Home Heating and Air Conditioning Systems: Safety Tips to Teach Your Kids

Home Heating and Air Conditioning Systems: Safety Tips to Teach Your Kids

When it comes to your HVAC system, you will want to make sure that your children know to stay away from it so that they do not become hurt. HVAC systems have electrical wires, fans and may have a gas line. These can all cause injury very quickly. It is important to teach your kid the following safety tips to ensure that they are not hurt when around your system.

Leaving the Unit Alone

One of the most important things that you can teach your child is to not mess with the unit. They should be nowhere near the indoor or outdoor unit. They could get hurt, and they can cause damage to the unit leading to you having to find heating and air conditioning companies in Montgomery County, PA, or running to the emergency room. Warn your child of the dangers of touching either unit.

Not Touching the Thermostat

Teaching your child not to touch the thermostat is also important. If they play with the thermostat, they may loosen it, which may expose the wires. Or they may play with the switches, overwhelming the system. Your kid could get shocked, and he or she could damage the thermostat.

Registers and Vents

You will want to teach your child to leave the registers and vents alone. Many children have had their fingers stuck in the registers more than once. If they manage to remove the registers, they could get their foot stuck or even an arm. This could lead to broken bones or worse. Toys that are pushed down in the registers can lead to air blockages. These blockages can cause your unit to work harder and cause rooms in your home to be too cold or warm. Teach your kids to leave the vents alone throughout the house.

Get an Adult

Another important thing that you will want to teach your kids is that if they think something is wrong with the HVAC unit, that they get an adult as soon as possible. Kids are curious by nature, and if they think something is wrong with the furnace, they might try to help and get hurt. Teaching them to get an adult when something is wrong is imperative.

Protecting your kids from everything might seem impossible, but by sitting them down and teaching them the dangers of your HVAC unit, you can help them learn not to mess with these things. If something does happen and you need HVAC repair and installation in Collegeville, PA, please call our office today. Our technicians will come out to address all of your HVAC needs.

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