How Can I Improve Indoor Air Quality

How Can I Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality plays a major role in our health and wellness. If you have poor indoor air quality, you may be experiencing health issues as a result. Taking the time to learn more about some of the causes and whether or not it’s time to repair or replace certain appliances or parts of the home can help you better navigate your life and home environment. Here’s what you need to know about indoor air quality and whether it’s time to upgrade your HVAC system.

What Are the Causes of Poor Air Quality?

There are a number of reasons why the air quality in your home may be contributing to your health negatively rather than positively. Some of the contributors to poor air quality include airborne allergens that aren’t properly being filtered and removed, mold growth throughout the home (walls, carpet, etc.), the use of certain house cleaning products or the burning of tobacco and other products, and more. Poor air quality can cause allergies, contribute to breathing problems, and affect other areas of your health if they’re left unaddressed.

Can an HVAC System Contribute to Poor Air Quality?

Absolutely! While HVAC systems are designed to heat or cool the environment and improve air circulation, there are a number of issues they can present if they’re not working properly. At the most basic level, a clogged air filter can end up allowing dust and other allergens to pass into the air and start circulating throughout your home. In the worst-case scenario, there may be issues in the ductwork or in other parts of the HVAC system where bacteria is being released or excess moisture has caused mold growth, which is then spread when the spores pass into your home environment.

Is Replacing Your HVAC System the Right Move?

Is replacing your HVAC system the right move if you have poor indoor air quality? Sometimes, it can be. However, it’s important to assess the situation so you can come to a logical conclusion. Here are some of the things to ask yourself if your indoor air quality leaves more to be desired.

  • Where Is the Issue Coming From?: It’s important to know exactly what’s causing the issue before you take any action. For example, if you replace your HVAC system but are actually suffering from mold growth from somewhere else in the house, you’re not going to experience any benefits by replacing your HVAC. Take time to figure out what’s behind poor indoor air quality and if your HVAC is even the issue.
  • Is the Issue Major or Minor?: Do you have a minor issue that could be easily remedied like replacing your HVAC filter or one that’s being caused by the HVAC system that can’t easily be addressed? Know when you need to hold your cards and when you need to fold them.
  • If It’s From the HVAC System, Can Anything Be Done?: Replacing an entire HVAC unit isn’t the right way to approach something if your system just needs a little extra TLC. Think about how you might be able to solve the issue and prevent it from happening again before you go and buy a new unit.
  • Is Inefficiency the Problem?: An inefficient system can present more issues than it solves. If this is the case, it might just be time to replace your HVAC system so that you can benefit from better air as well as lower energy costs and similar advantages that accompany a new HVAC system.

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