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Nothing is worse than when the air conditioning or heater goes out in your home. When you need heating repair, air conditioning repair, or even emergency HVAC repair, then you need to know that the company hired to do the repairs is reputable. At Taylor Home Comfort, we’ve created a reputation for ourselves for work that is done with integrity and on time. Here’s what you need to know about our HVAC repair and installation services in Collegeville, PA, and Schwenksville, PA.

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Need HVAC Services in Collegeville, PA?

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Areas We Serve

When you need your air conditioning inspected or repaired, then you need to call us. We can help homeowners and companies that reside in:

• Collegeville
• Schwenksville
• Trappe
• Pottsgrove
• Several others


We’re always eager to help you with any HVAC problems that you may have. Unlike other companies, we’ll show up on time and work efficiently to restore comfort to your home.

Our Air Conditioning Repair Services Are Second-to-None in Schwenksville & Trappe, PA

Whether you need HVAC installation while building a new home in Pottsgrove, PA, or emergency HVAC repair or replacement, choosing the best heating and cooling contractors in the area ensures you’ll get top-quality service and materials.

At Taylor Home Comfort, we understand the vital function of your air conditioner and heater in Schwenksville, PA, and Trappe, PA. Our highly trained technicians in Collegeville, PA, provide HVAC repair and replacement service throughout the metropolitan area. We maintain proper licensing to operate throughout Pennsylvania and a multitude of five-star ratings from our customers. We work hard to keep the state of Pennsylvania cool in summer and warm in winter.


When you need HVAC repair in Montgomery County, PA, you can rely on us. You shouldn’t have to sit at home and sweat it out until winter. You could end up severely dehydrated or even suffer from heatstroke. The moment your air conditioning unit breaks, give our company a call. We’ll arrive, inspect the unit, then make the repairs, so you can breathe easy again.

Trusted Heating & AC Company in Skippack, PA

Your heater repair shouldn’t be something that you wait to call about either. The longer you wait for heater repair, the more likely it is that your pipes are going to freeze. This may cause them to burst. You’ll be facing even more problems like water damage if that happens.


Our HVAC repair service includes heater repair. We’ll inspect your furnace and get it back into working order, so you and your family are kept safe.


Taylor Home Comfort provides HVAC repair and installation in Collegeville, PA, and the surrounding areas. To learn more about our HVAC services in Pottsgrove, Trappe, Schwenksville, and Skippack, PA, contact us today!

Heating Repair Services in Collegeville, PA

Whether you need HVAC replacement, air conditioning repair, heating repair, or emergency HVAC repair — look no further than Taylor Home Comfort. With years of experience to back up our skills and reputation, you can be sure that all the repairs we do for you are done on time and with integrity.

When you have an emergency, then our emergency HVAC repair service is ready to be deployed. Whether it’s heating repair or AC repair, our team will quickly respond and get it back working. The safety of your family is our priority.

Our HVAC repair service also includes the installation of the HVAC unit. If you need a new system installed, then rely on our expert team. Don’t let inexperienced hands break the HVAC system during the installation process. We’ll install it correctly, so you can enjoy it for years.

If you need your HVAC system inspected or repaired, get in touch with any of our contractors in the following areas:

  • Schwenksville
  • Collegeville
  • Trappe
  • Pottsgrove

Should you require HVAC services in PA, you can call on Taylor Home Comfort to provide you with quick and effective repairs. There’s no need to suffer through harsh summer heat or the freezing temperatures of winter when your HVAC system breaks down. From the moment you call us, we’ll get our technicians ready and send them your way to inspect your system and make repairs.

We also offer heater repair. We take broken heaters seriously since they can cause irreversible damage inside the home and to our health. This is why we’ll take great care when it comes to inspecting your furnace and getting it back into working order as soon as possible.


Don’t delay when it comes to HVAC problems. Put your family’s health first during the summer and winter seasons. Give us a call today to give your HVAC system the care it deserves!

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