Tips To Lower Your Energy Bill

Tips To Lower Your Energy Bill 

Saving energy has become so important. Not only do you want to conserve energy and not overwhelm the local grid, but you also want to save on ever-increasing energy costs. Lowering your energy bill can be simple if you make little changes. These are small and very easy to do; you just have to know about them first.

Always Start With Changing or Cleaning Filters

If anything is going to mess with the efficiency of your air conditioner, it’s clogged filters. Dust, pollen, pet hair, and more are caught on the filter as air flows through it, and after a while, the filter becomes so clogged that the system has to struggle to pull in the air. That makes the air conditioner work more and increases your bills.

Changing or cleaning the filter (whichever is appropriate for your system) prevents that struggle. A new, clean filter lets air flow through easily.

Make Sure You Know Which Way Your Ceiling Fan Should Turn

Turning on a ceiling fan helps make a room feel cooler because of the breeze; you end up not using your air conditioning as much, and your bills are lower. However, ceiling fans have two settings, one of which can promote your energy-saving efforts, and one that could thwart them.

The fan has a switch that changes the direction in which the blades rotate. You want the blades to rotate counterclockwise (when looking up at the fan) because the angle of the blades will push cool air down toward the floor and anyone who happens to be in the way, making you feel cooler.

If the fan rotates clockwise, it’ll pull warmer air up to the ceiling — and past you, making you feel warmer.

Get Good Window Coverings

A lot of the heat in your home during summer is due to hot sunlight heating up the air inside the home. Your windows don’t need to be open for this to happen; the heat transfers through the glass and makes the air next to the glass much warmer. In response, you turn your thermostat down more, making the air conditioner work more, and raising your energy bill.

You can combat this by changing your window coverings. While the best solution is to shade the window from the outside, that’s not possible in a lot of homes, especially with upper stories. Instead, get window coverings that block the light from making too much of the air in the home warmer. Blackout curtains, for example, stop hot sunlight from reaching the majority of the room. Blinds that rotate to cut out light add another protective layer in front of the curtains.

Schedule An AC Inspection

If these don’t seem to help, have your air conditioner inspected. When you need AC repair in Denver, PA, call Taylor Home Comfort for an appointment. As one of the top HVAC companies in Montgomery County, PA, we will inspect and repair anything in your HVAC system that could be interfering with efficiency. When those repairs are done, you can look forward to cooler air and better energy bills.