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5 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Is Failing and What to Do

It’s inconvenient for your air conditioner to fail during the summer season. At such a time, you want your air conditioner prepared quickly so that it can continue keeping you cool. But how do you identify that your conditioner is failing? If you notice any of these warning signs, it is time to schedule a HVAC repair in West Chester, PA.

1. High Humidity
During the summer, the weather is too hot outside. But that doesn’t mean you want to have high humidity in your house. A working air conditioner should automatically regulate humidity levels. If your conditioner isn’t keeping moisture at moderate levels, you need to call a technician. A reputable technician should repair the air conditioner quickly to avoid inconvenience. In addition, the technician should let you know whether the air conditioner requires an undemanding recalibration, or you should go for a full house dehumidifier.

2. Warm Air
This is the most basic sign that your air conditioner is failing. The most unambiguous indicator is warm air blowing your indoors from the vents. You need to check the thermostat to verify whether it is on cooling mode. If it’s on cooling mode and the air is still warm, you need to set it a bit lower than the current indoor temperature.

If the problem persists, there might be something wrong with the compressor or restricted airflow. This is a complex issue that needs to be fixed by a skilled technician.

3. Bad Odors
An unpleasant smell from your air conditioner can make the indoors uncomfortable. It is imperative to get in touch with a skilled technician before the indoors become smellier. A renowned technician can quickly tell when your system needs thorough cleaning or an advanced tech solution.

There is an array of ways to eliminate the smell from your HVAC in Berks County, PA. You can decide to do duct cleaning to clear the dust that has collected in the ductwork or use ultraviolet lamps to prevent microbial growth in your system.

4. Water Leaks
An air conditioner depends on refrigerant to cool your indoors, and as a result, it may produce condensed water. However, the liquids should not collect in your house. Water leaks or pooled water is an indication that something is wrong with your air conditioner. Water leaks have a detrimental impact on your home, such as encouraging the growth of molds and mildew and damaging electrical appliances. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for air conditioning services.

5. Strange Noises
It is common for an air conditioner to produce low levels of noise when starting or when shutting down. However, unusual noises such as squealing, rattling, hissing, buzzing, or humming sounds are a sign of complications with your HVAC system.

In most instances, these sounds indicate that there are loose components and slipping belts. It is prudent to switch off your cooling system to prevent further damage before a professional works on it.

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