Ways To Reduce Home Allergens With An HVAC System

Ways To Reduce Home Allergens With An HVAC System

There is a filter in every HVAC system, even window units designed as a single zone. These filters are made to remove allergens and lint from the air prior to being recycled as temperature treated. More allergens and lint particles can be removed by a higher-quality filter. For more about upgrading your system’s filter, Taylor Home Comfort offers HVAC system and air conditioning services in Denver, PA.

An HVAC System Filters a House’s Air through High-MERV Filters 

MERV 11 or higher filters are capable of removing even the smallest particles of allergens and seasonal pollen. Yet, in order for these high-quality filters to work to their best efficiency, they are required to be changed out routinely. 

Install In-Line Air Purification and Air Scrubbing Devices 

You can install additional air-scrubbing devices and air purifiers along with the HVAC unit. As air goes through your HVAC unit air scrubbing and in-line air purifiers provide additional air treatment. This air treatments aid in removing allergens and other harmful immune system irritants before reaching the room vents. 

Keeps the Ductwork inside the Home Free of Allergens 

An HVAC that has power is able to cycle a majority of dust through new filtration systems. Ducts are made to allow airflow with no excess buildup. When the air ducts are operating well, there is rarely a requirement to clean the HVAC system. Due to the constant flow of air that continues to move through the filters. 

Humidity Removal from Areas at Risk for Mold 

Certain parts of the country have major issues with humidity. Even if you don’t live in a high-humidity region, there may be extenuating circumstances in your home–such as the outflow of a dryer– creating humidity. You can control the humidity using your HVAC system to halt those mold colonies from growing and causing allergies. 

Steps Homeowners Take to Decrease Allergens

The secret to lowering allergies in the home is the removal of the allergens. There are three methods you can remove those allergens from your home.

  • Manually remove and clean all items bearing allergens
  • Put a new, high-quality filter in the HVAC system
  • Run the HVAC system 

Other steps you can take to stop any new allergens from entering your home include: 

  • Caulking around the windows and doors.
  • Replace the weatherstripping in these areas.
  • Locate any cracks and seal them.
  • Re-insulate the garage and attic. 

These steps not only make a house climate efficient but also blocks any new allergens. Aiding the HVAC system to form better suction for filtering the indoor air. 

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