How Often Should I Schedule Maintenance on Your Home Heating & AC

How Often Should I Schedule Maintenance on Your Home Heating & AC?

Your HVAC unit is essential because it makes your home temperature conducive. So, it is advisable to regularly maintain the heating and cooling unit to ascertain that it stays in optimum condition.


However, most people ask how often they should schedule inspection and maintenance sessions. Well, many HVAC manufacturers recommend this to be done once a year. They also recommend maintaining the heating and conditioning parts separately, preferably on two different days.


Therefore, schedule two maintenance sessions with your HVAC specialist each year.


It’s recommended that heating units be serviced in the fall while air conditioning units during spring. The timing helps prepare the unit for service during the coming months when it will be required to keep your home indoor air conditions optimal.

What is Done During Maintenance Sessions?


When a specialist comes to maintain your heating and air conditioning in Denver, PA, they assess different parts of the system. Some specific things they do include:


  • Assessing the indoor coil and repairing it if damaged
  • Checking and replacing the filers
  • Inspecting and fixing the thermostat if there is a fault
  • Inspect and repair the condenser unit if damaged
  • Assess hoses to ascertain that they are not well connected. If they are loose, the professional hooks them up correctly to restore proper functionalities
  • Visually assessing the HVAC unit from both the outside and inside perspective

Why Should You Schedule Maintenance for Your HVAC Unit?


Now that you know when to schedule maintenance services for your HVAC unit, it is important to understand why you ought to do so. Some reasons for annual maintenance include:


1. It Helps Catch and Address Any Issues Early

Your HVAC system works all the time to guarantee that your house has proper air conditions. During these extended periods, it may experience system overload or internal faults that are hard to detect. By conducting regular maintenance, the expert will detect such faults and address them before they spin out of control.

2. Saves Money

By maintaining your HVAC unit regularly, you resolve any problems with the system before they advance into catastrophes. In addition, it eliminates the possibility of your system breaking down since all possible issues are resolved early. Therefore, you don’t have to spend countless money on repairs or replacements.

3. Replace Air Filters

Your HVAC air filter is crucial in ensuring that the HVAC unit functions properly. First, a maintenance session looks at the condition of the filters. This allows the technician to clean or replace them if they have dust accumulation. In addition, it helps ensure that the unit is functioning optimally, thus preventing other issues that stem from clogged filters.

4. Gives Room for Other Areas to the Corrected

An HVAC unit is controlled by other parts, such as the thermostat and condensing unit. It is important to ensure that these parts are operating well. During a maintenance session, the technician assesses such areas and calibrates them properly if they are off.

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