Deciding Between Windows And Central Air Conditioning: Exploring the Benefits of Both Options

Deciding Between Windows And Central Air Conditioning: Exploring the Benefits of Both Options

Having an air conditioner that functions properly is one of the keys to keeping your home comfortable. However, it can be difficult for you to decide between a window unit or central unit. You should weigh the pros and cons of each type of unit before you make your selection.

Benefits of a Window Unit


If you are on a budget, then a window unit may be the right option for you. Not only are they cheaper to install, but they are also cheaper to operate. The window unit will only cool the room that it is in, so it will not use as much energy. You may be able to install your own unit, so a professional may not be needed.


However, a central unit is designed to also filter out air. A window unit does not filter the air as efficiently as a central unit does. That is why this may not be a good option for asthma and allergy sufferers.


It is also important to note that a window unit may not cool your home as efficiently. That is why there may be spots of your room that are cooler than others.

Benefits of a Central Unit


A central air conditioner will be able to keep your entire home comfortable. You can set the unit to one temperature, and it will run until the entire home is the same temperature. The air conditioner will also filter the dust and allergens out of the air. That is why it can help improve your indoor air quality.


Furthermore, your central unit comes with a heating feature. You will be able to use the unit all year long. If you have a window unit, then you may have to get an electric heater for the winter months.


A central air conditioning unit is a lot more expensive than a window unit. The unit itself is a lot more expensive. You cannot install the unit itself because it is more complex than a window unit. This means that you will also have to pay for professional installation.


It can also be expensive to get an air conditioning repair in Montgomery County, PA. In fact, the cost of an AC repair in Phoenixville may be more expensive than installing a window unit.


The time that you are living in a home is something else that you may want to consider. A central unit may be the best option if you are going to be in your home for a long time. However, if you only plan to spend a few months in your home, then a window unit may be better for you.

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