3 Things You Should Check On Your HVAC System Before Winter

3 Things You Should Check On Your HVAC System Before Winter

3 Things You Should Check On Your HVAC System Before Winter

Moving into the winter season can be difficult for many families, especially if you have a home with an HVAC system. These systems can break down when the weather changes and produce high utility bills, so having them checked beforehand can help prevent these problems. There are three things, in particular, you should check before winter kicks in that will make your life easier!

Check your thermostat


With a thermostat, you can set the temperature in your home to be comfortable when at home and energy efficient when not. By turning down the thermostat or unplugging heating units during periods with lower demand for heat, you prevent unnecessary waste of energy. It is even possible to install a programmable thermostat, which will hold the programmed temperature of your choice when you’re not at home. While some home heating and cooling systems are equipped with automatic-overheat protection that shuts off the system if the temperature reaches a certain point, you should still check this safety feature. When your system is set to its default low setting, it may not shut down during the winter months, leading to a higher than necessary bill at the end of the month.

Check for Air Leaks


While leaks from pipes or water meters are a common problem, another one you may be able to catch before the winter season starts is air leaks. Air leaks can cause all sorts of problems, especially in humid areas. They can lead to moisture damage in your HVAC system, ceiling insulation, and home furnishings. Therefore, check around your home and look inside your walls to see if there is any evidence of air leakage. Look at the insulation around windows and doors and check any carpeting behind (or under). While at it, explore some other fissures in your home to see if they also leak air.

Check Your Air Filter


You may not realize it, but air filters are one of the most critical components of your HVAC system. Without them, dust and other particles will clog up the various components of your system, preventing it from working correctly. To check your air filter, locate it (usually at the back of your system) and look for things like rattling sounds or reduced airflow. If you see any warning signs, replace the filter immediately with a new one (your local HVAC company should carry replacement filters). The best time to check your filters is in the morning before you turn on your heating system. That will give optimum airflow for cleaning them off and prevent particles from re-circulating throughout the rest of the day. You should change your HVAC filters at least twice a year (more often if you have pets or allergies).

Contact The Professionals 


Before you begin checking on leaks and air quality, you should check your HVAC system to ensure everything is in working order. Whenever you notice anything unusual happening to your HVAC system, call us immediately at Taylor Home Comfort (610-406-8185) for help with your heating and air conditioning in Denver, PA. If you do not have time to check on these items, our professionally trained technicians will do it for you. As a Taylor Home Comfort customer, you can take advantage of our customized HVAC maintenance plans to fit your family’s needs. Contact us today!